Here is a background picture for your desktop from the the island of Hemmansö on the
Swedish west coast. Click on the small picture above to download the large picture
(1680 x 1121 pixels).which You right-click and save.


On this page there are some old stuff to download!

Midis.zip - Zip-file with 14 midi-files which are played by your computers soundcard.

WavSystemEvents - Sound effects for system events ("There is a message for you").

SmallPrgs.zip -

The following utilities which you might find handy:
Convert - Converts between different units.
Eyedropper - Shows color codes. Useful for selecting colors.
Old program. It might cause temporary lockings under Win  XP and later.
Irfanview - Picture Viewer, but most useful for batch converting
many pictures from one file format to another. Two Plugins are included:
iv_effects and iv_misc. Put them in the Plugin folder.
Folder Size - For 32-bit (common) Win XP. Displays size of folders. 64-bit ver.
Installation Instructions for Folder Size
Namewiz - Name change of many files.
Rot-13 - En/Decrypts Rot-13 text.
IPLog - Displays IP. You must be internet-connected.
TurnOff - Dos batch-script witch turns off the computer after a specified
Pawn 3 - Small chess game.

I recommend the following programs:

Teleport Pro - Offline-browser with which you can download a whole site to your HD.
Good, since sites disappear or are changed, or if you just want to have
one easily available. Set Starting Page Properties and Project Properties
before each project. The only offline-browser which I have tested which
works good. Sometimes one file can be repeatedly downloaded in all
eternity from a database. Shareware $49:95.
Open Office - Free Office-package. Very Good. Order on cd if you don't want to 
download 144 Mb.
Latin Assistent
Words Latin-to-English and English-to-Latin. Free Latin-dictionary.
Go to Classics Technology Center for more versions and instructions. 
Latin Assistent is a Windows-interface for Words. 
Put latin_assistent2.exe in C:\WORDS and create a shortcut to the program 
on your desktop.
Scribus Open Source DTP-program. Free
Expression Web 4 Web-site design/html program. Replaced Frontpage. Free to download from
Microsoft site.
Web Form Builder With Web Form Builder from CoffeeCup You can create web forms for
your site.

More files to download on the page for Interactive Fiction.

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